Byron Edwards
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Best-selling author Byron Edwards has developed a loyal following of fans who eagerly await the publication of each work. None of Byron’s books are alike and that seems to appeal to his fans.  His newest release is called Lips and involves Elvis Presley in an exciting adventure that explores archaeology and the human, non-entertainment side of Elvis.

Because of his numerous interests, Byron has frequently been referred to as a “Renaissance Man.” In addition to writing, Byron has achieved professional success as a photographer. As a hobby, he has been working on his sculpting techniques. Eventually, he will make his sculptures available to the public.

Byron has a private pilot’s license and a scuba diving license. He has an earned Ph.D. He is fascinated with archaeology and astronomy and is completely convinced that an advanced civilization existed here on earth prior to recorded history.

As a young boy, Byron roamed freely across three thousand acres of his family’s lands in south Georgia near the small town of Pembroke. This gave him a love for nature that has only grown stronger over the years. He attended Junior High and High School in Savannah, Georgia and it was there that he fell in love with the ocean. When visiting Savannah, he and his wife, Vivian, always stay on Tybee Island. Today, Byron and his wife live in a forest on over 100 acres of land about forty miles north of Nashville, Tennessee. He is extremely appreciative of the opportunity to live among some of Mother Nature’s finest work.

With a private library of several thousand volumes, Byron reads (and obviously collects) books on almost any subject. He has been a steady reader of books since early elementary school. And he encourages everyone to build their own personal library. (Of course, an excellent start or addition to your own personal library would be a collection of Byron Edwards books.) 

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Many people have requested copies of Byron's photos.  He has decided to make these available to the public.  Photos by Byron are available online now!

Quotes from
Byron's Books


"I mean I don’t want to go back to being Elvis Presley. I’d like to live a normal life, man. I, uh, I am tired of being a celebrity. I, uh, I, uh, I wish I could turn it off somehow." — page 160

The Mystery of Melissa’s First Date:

"May stared at her computer monitor. She remembered what her dear old sweet grandmother used to say in situations like this and said out loud, "Oh dear.’" — page 62


"Dawn said, in a soft but clear voice, lines of her own:

‘Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing more courageous, nothing broader, nothing more pleasant, nor better in Heaven or Earth. Love feels no burden, love thinks nothing of trouble and always attempts what is beyond its power — nothing is impossible where love is involved. It is able to undertake all things and it completes many things where he who does not love would quit and give up the effort. Love does not sleep. It does not end. Love continues forever. I love you, Wade Habersham.’" — page 92

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